• Where you might be currently

    - You know what you do is fulfilling, but the cost of how you've been doing it is noticeable and impacting your personal life.

    - You'd love to find a way to move beyond personal stopping points so you can create the life and relationships you desire most.


    - You feel isolated, burnt out, disconnected, or frustrated.


    - You long to feel confident and enjoy every aspect of what you do.


    - Your motivation, at work or home, isn't where you'd love it to be, making it harder to show up in a way that serves yourself and the youth you care about, best.


    - You'd love to learn some skills and strategies that will bring ease to your interpersonal relationships.

    Bottom Line: You have a vision for your work with youth but experience frustration, resignation, and cynicism about it.

  • What you'll Get

    - Tools and skills to overcome personal stopping points and improve your relationships at every level.


    - Practices to help you shift your energy, attention, and actions so you can show up in the way you love and create results you're proud of.


    - Support to consistently advance the Vision you have for your work and personal life.

    - A community of other passionate youth workers looking to make a difference.


    - Clear Strategies for staying motivated regardless of challenging circumstances or "Difficult People."


    - Enjoy what you're doing. Feel confident. Strike a "balance" between your work and home life.

    Bottom Line - You'll be 100% supported to experience a thriving personal and professional life so you can make the impact you're here to make.

  • Client Testimonials


    Licensed Clinical Social Worker

    "I started working with Michael almost 2 years ago with little knowledge about the world of coaching... Michael taught me to adjust mindsets and modify patterns that were undermining my previous attempts to achieve what I want in my life.

    Michael helped me stay accountable and committed to my goals, even when life became more complicated due to a difficult pregnancy. Without his support and guidance, it would have been easy to abandon my progress and retreat into old patterns.

    Michael helped me embrace my successes and celebrate what I am doing rather than dwell on previous "failures." I now have the skills to approach the things I want to do in my life with confidence and focus. I am forever grateful I made the decision to try something new and met such a wonderful coach and human being."


    Poet, Performer, and Youthworker


    "My coaching work with Michael has helped me clarify my creative goals and expose my attachment to my limitations.

    Michael is kind and refreshingly straightforward. I appreciate the strategic accountability that is built into coaching, and I feel supported in creating and achieving actionable steps.



    Most importantly to me, Michael is a coach who can laugh with me as I navigate the inner twists and roadblocks on the road to becoming the next best version of myself. There is a lot of productive laughter during our sessions."


    Youth Worker, Graphic Artist, Poet

    "The framework in which I approach most everything in my life, across all venues, has shifted since working with Michael."

    I sorta feel like if everyone I cared for was getting the kind of support that I've received through coaching with Michael that we'd all be a few steps closer to realizing a brighter and more conscientious world.


    If the answers were inside of me the entire time, working with Michael has helped me to identify and understand those answers.


    I'm grateful to have found my power, to have recognized my true desires, and to feel that I've got lots of forward momentum and am really on the right path for me right now. I've no doubt of the role that my coaching with Michael has played in that.


    Michael can help you to fill up your proverbial toolbox and equip you with the tools you need to get yourself the life you want while supporting you in that journey. "

  • Life is a practice

    "Your personal power lies in the small ways you practice being who you are and what you Believe."

    What are the beliefs you're willing to act from?

    Your answer directly impacts your results... So, what are the results you'd love to create? And which beliefs are you willing to actively practice to create them? These magic and mighty little steps are what change the world.

  • Agents of Impact Program Details



    •  Retrain neural pathways to produce new, more desirable results in how you show up.
    •  Unlock your full potential by learning where your self-limiting conversations come from and how to keep them quiet.
    • Learn about the "Spheres of Being" model and how it advances your vision for your life.
    • Learn to effectively and authentically direct your energy toward the things that matter most.
    • Exercises rooted in Neuroscience between sessions as well as unlimited Q&A with Coach.



    • Monthly coaching sessions (90 minutes). Get support to overcome personal stopping points and stay motivated.
    • Monthly training sessions (90 minutes). A foundation for advancing your vision and mastering your mindsets.



    • 4 Months of support starting August 21st. (If you want support sooner, ask coach during free intro session).
    • Meetings on the following Wednesdays from 4:30 - 6 p.m. PST

    August 21st
    September 4th

    September 18th
    October 2nd
    October 16th
    October 30th
    November 13th
    November 27th
    December 11th


    Content delivery begins in JUNE



    • via Zoom conferencing.
    • Build a community on Slack, an interactive and easy to use forum for communication between sessions.



    • For the price of a gym membership or game console, you get to participate in the kind of support, learning, tools, and community that may echo throughout the rest of your life and career.


    Sliding Scale broken into Financially Accessible Tiers:

    • $225/month if you are financially flourishing

    • $150/month if you are financially stable

    • $125/month if you are living month-to-month

    • $75/month if you are in a significant hardship

      You get 13+ hours of real-time training and coaching, plus support by text, email, and in the Slack forum. I’m a Professionally Certified Coach, with over 700 hours of coaching experience as well as a 7-year career in education as a counselor, while holding an additional teaching certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This program would cost between $1,950-$4,225 if done 1-on-1. With the group format, I can offer the course at a fraction of that cost while still earning enough to continue to expand the program in order to serve more Agents of Impact. Please make sure to choose the Tier that is a stretch but not a hardship :-).


  • "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." - Rumi


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  • Coach Michael

    Michael has coached clients residing on 6 continents, supporting them to cultivate the inherent creativity, passion, and dedication every individual has for that which is meaningful to them. He refuses to coach people from Antartica though...

    Experience Matters


    - PCC (Professional Coaching Certification) with over 700 hundred hours coaching individuals and groups, and a teaching certification in Neuro-linguistic Programming.


    - MA in school counseling, and a 7-year career in youth work as both teacher and counselor.


    - A year+ in EdTech, coaching over 75 students to make the jump into the tech industry.


    Purpose Matters...

    I was the 'red card everyday kid' through elementary school. It crushed my self-esteem until I ended up with this teacher who treated me differently in third grade. She was energetic and kind and cared about her work and her students.


    Twenty-five years later.... While leading a workshop for 50+ educators, I spied the teacher who changed my trajectory sitting in the front row. The teacher who showed me compassion, who gave me a glimpse of empowerment, who allowed my creativity to flourish.

    It came full circle--she helped me and now I get to help others. That's the power of youth work. That's how lives are changed.

  • Contact Me

    Send me a message and I'll respond within 48 hours to answer any question you might have.